Please be aware that the products below are 100% made in America, and specifically Colorado.  We honor our Irish heritage by attempting to make a product similar to the original ancient Irish whiskey.  The term "Irish Style" has been approved by the Federal Government and Alcohol authorities to represent an American Whiskey made from Barley and in a style similar to ancient Ireland.  It is NOT an Irish product or meant to confuse anyone.  It is American with an Irish lineage and flavor, just like us.  THANK YOU!!! 


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OUR FIRST THREE LABELS are all part of a series called CRAFTSHINE.  They are designed to represent our history and innovation faithfully.  They are very small batch truly artisan products meant for sipping or inclusion in craft cocktails, based on our non-GMO, natural, sustainable pioneer varietal maize (corn) from the Ute Mountain Tribe.  All three are purposefully extra smooth and complex in comparison to mainstream moonshine.

EXILE.  Honoring the exile of the Acadians from maritime Canada and their settling in the swamps and sugar plantations of Louisiana, this corn and brown sugar craftshine is smooth enough to replace any clear liquor in your glass.

QUEEN'S GAMBIT.  With feral honey and wild yeast this highly creative spirit is exciting and complex.  The techniques are cutting edge and the flavors are exceptional.  Be aware that it is wild and unfiltered, and varies from batch to batch.

CRAFTSHINE RESERVE.  We age the Queen's Gambit in charred oak barrels for just long enough to add a touch of color and complexity, this is Reserve Moonshine, a new idea.