The Vision Behind the Bear

       I realize of course that this section will cost me some customers.  The world is full of those who will hate what I am about to say.  But luckily there are many who will understand and appreciate what is happening.  In short, this distillery has been created to take part in the world of missions and charities.  Unlike a normal profit generating company which has only that in mind, we plan to produce products and utilize our sales and promotions to try to help in any way we can.  Animal charities have always been close to our hearts and there will be a lot of work along those lines.  Donkey t-shirts and stuffed animals combined with flyers and interactive awareness generating will help raise money for equine rescues, no kill shelters, and various animal protection organizations.  We will also be involved in many other charities such as ALS and Children's Hospital.  One might ask why, this is a very common question, why go through all this and work so hard only to give some of the money away....well, that is the other part of our mission.  See, this is God's Distillery.  I know that idea is horrifying to many strict conservatives, but I could never have done any of this without divine and personal intervention.  I am aware that I will not only have atheists against me, but many puritanical Christians as well, and to all of you I can only say that I do not want to offend anyone.  I am only trying to be faithful and as honest as I can.  We are going to make some wonderful products and we are going to use some of them to generate money for mission work.  I hope that is good enough for most of our enemies, because I am not planning to stop.  Only God can stop this and if that is His will, well then, it will stop.  Until then:  Proverbs 16:3  "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans."  All the praise and all the thanks and all the glory for this entire idea and operation and vision goes to the Lord.  This is God's work and I am just an earthly manager (and not a very good one).  So, to our knowledge, the world's first Missional Distillery is coming into operation.  Hope to see you here.